AX-ZIP Archiver

Management of archives was never so simple before

Any operation with archives is now intuitive understandable and will require the minimum of operations. To create an archive or unpack - there are only one drag of mouse. The productivity of work will increase significantly.

  • It is simply to create archive, it’s simply to manage archive, it’s simply to unpack archive.
  • Direct and quick access to the archives and files.
  • Simultaneous work with any number of archives and files.
  • Strong AES encryption (with key length of 128, 192 and 256 bits).
  • Direct access to the cloud drives and special folders.
  • The simple and convenient file manager.

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AX-ZIP Archiver
AX-ZIP Finder

AX-ZIP Finder

Search of archives and files in them are speed, accuracy and simplicity

Select the required folders and set a mask for search - that is all. The found files from different types of archives can be extracted for once.

  • The selection of arbitrary folders on different disks.
  • Simple and accurate masks for search.
  • Filters of inclusion and exclusion.
  • The possibility to search among results.
  • Saving the list of the found results in files of different formats.
  • The group extraction of files from different archives.

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AX-ZIP Extractor

Unpacking of archives by only drag once - it is FREE

For unpacking of archive or extraction of file from it you need only to drag them into the target folder. The structure of archives is visually presented as a tree form. For quick access to frequently used files, it is possible to use bookmarks.

  • Unpacking of archives and extraction of any file - it is only one drag of mouse.
  • The ability to search archives and files in them.
  • Support of cloud drives.
  • Decryption.
  • Support of main file manager functions.
  • Windows Shell integration.

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AX-ZIP Extractor