AX-ZIP Archiver

Archives management has never been easier

Any operation with archives is now intuitive and requires minimum effort. Create or extract archives with one drag of a mouse and significantly increase your productivity.

  • It is easy to create, manage and extract archives.
  • Direct and quick access to archives and files.
  • Working with multiple archives and/or files at the same time.
  • Strong AES encryption (with key length of 128, 192 and 256 bits).
  • Direct access to cloud drives and special folders.
  • Simple and convenient file manager.

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AX-ZIP Archiver
AX-ZIP Finder

AX-ZIP Finder

Search of archives and files within them: quick, accurate and simple

Select the required folders and set a search mask - that’s it! The found files from different archive types can be extracted in one go.

  • Select any folders from different disks.
  • Simple and accurate search masks.
  • Inclusion and exclusion filters.
  • Search among results.
  • Saving the list of the found results in different file formats.
  • Group extraction of files from different archives.

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AX-ZIP Extractor

Archive extraction with one drag of a mouse and it’s FREE

To unpack an archive or extract files from it you simply need to drag them into the target folder. The archive structure is visually presented as a tree. Bookmarks can be used for quick access to frequently used files.

  • Unpacking of archives and extraction of any files with one drag of a mouse.
  • Search for archives and files within them.
  • Support of cloud drives.
  • Decryption.
  • Support of main file manager functions.
  • Windows Shell integration.

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AX-ZIP Extractor